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What are vapor products?

Vapor products were created for, and have been proven to be very helpful to those people who are trying to quit smoking.  Vapor devices, or as you might have heard them called, 'e-cigarettes', are simply battery-powered devices that use a small electrical current to turn a mainly vegetable-based glycerin product from a liquid into a vapor.  The vapor simulates smoke that would normally come from a tobacco cigarette.  The result is that people who have been under the cruel and heavy thumb of cigarette addiction now have a very easy, natural, and often fun way to wean themselves from tobacco products altogether.


Is vaping safe?

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, vapor devices do not produce any smoke, tar, or chemicals, nor is the user consuming any of the 4,000 chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Many studies have concluded that inhaling vapor is safe, and the FDA, EPA, Health Canada, and ATSDR all agree that inhaling Propylene Glycol is generally recognized as safe for most people – young, old, and otherwise.  The vapor that comes from a vapor device is generally the same type of harmless vapor that is used in asthma inhalers and fog machines.


Why vape?

A person using a vapor device can still experience the same sensation as smoking a cigarette, but without any of the unhealthy, carcinogenic properties of cigarette smoke entering into their bodies.  For those looking to quit smoking cigarettes, ‘vaping’ allows that user to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine entering their body over time, until a zero-nicotine e-liquid is used.  Vaping is also a more socially acceptable and health-conscious way for people to engage in something they enjoy doing.  With the wide variety of e-juice flavors available, one can vape a variety of flavors such as peach, cinnamon buns, or even their favorite beverage flavor without worrying about the negative effects of cigarette smoke!



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