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A crazy blend of berries

Blue Slushee:

A blue Raspberry slushee


Angry Apple:

Sour apple with a nice hint of melon


Apple Jax:

A true cinnamon apple cereal


ASS Blend:

A Super Secret Blend that makes you feel like you just bit into a cool fresh watermelon on a hot summer day. 



A berry candy that's out of this world



A butterscotch toffee flavor with a little love


Berry Bad:

A berry intense bushel of badness sure to shock your tastebuds

Blueberry Yogurt:

A fresh spin on the classic vanilla yogurt with blueberries

Blue Jello:

A jiggly classic!


Brandon's 118:

A creamy butterscotch, normally enjoyed by itself or paired with your favorite fruit!

Cappin Crunch Berries:

A delicious cereal with a mix of berries

Cake Batter:

You don't have to fight over the spoon when you get ahold of this childhood favorite


Caramel Apple:

A carnival favorite that is the perfect ratio of sweet fresh apples with caramel dip


Caribbean Passion:

A tropical pineapple that will place you on a beach in the Bahamas



A nutty caramel with undertones of vanilla sure to keep you three steps ahead of the game


Chocolate Donut

 Sit down with a glass of milk to enjoy this breakfast classic



A fresh baked cinnamon desert

Cinna Milk:

A milky cinnamon rush of flavor


Dragon Blood:

A blend of tropical fruits that'll place you in paradise. A perfect all day vape


Dragon Slayer:

A strawberry custard with an undescribeable twist


Dusty Hoops:

Your favorite Loopy-Fruity cereal with just enough milk


Green Goblin:

A green apple mix with a tart fruit


Hawaiian Sunset:

A tropical fruit with a hint of Coconut. 


Honey Berry:

A berry unique blend of honeydew and berry flavors


Jam Rock:

A creamy watermelon with an exhale of coconut


Jolly Rings:

A mix of peach rings & your favorite mouth watering hard candy


Jungle Monkey:

A strawberry banana blend that'll make you go ape!


Keylime Pie:

Step aside grandma, we've got a new baker in town!


Lemon Cheesecake:

A light lemon creamy cheesecake



A strong melony mix sure to make your taste buds scream


Melon Balls:

A light melon mix that is a great all day vape


Monkey treat:

A creamy peanut butter & banana that'll bring out your inner animal


Nana Puddin:

Nana's southern banana puddin'. It's the best in the west!!



Fred & Barney ain't got nothin on this fruity mix of a cereal


Pom Berry:

A pomegranite berry mix that'll put you in the middle of summer under a tree


Pumpkin Pie:

A thanksgiving classic with a dollup of whipped cream


Red Velvet:

A chocolate-cherry pastry with a hint of cream cheese topping


Rob's #4 SSB:

Rob's Super Secret Blend-- a Light coconutty desert



Kiwi with a berry popular hint of something special


Strawberry Shortcake:

A sweet slice of spongy cake with a mound of sweet strawberries


Sugar Cookie:

Just like you used to make with grandma



Cinnamon funnel cake just like at the fair


Triple Threat:

A trio of berries with light minty undertones



A light nutty-buttery flavor perfect for dripping


White Tic-Tac:

A light refreshing mint



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